Need Of Bug Bounty Programs

In an associate economy where data is associate with rising world currency, software package vulnerabilities and security breaches are naturally a big area of concern. data breaches’ costs are countable at a mean of $3.86 million for a non-public breach, and $1.5 trillion in total worth. whereas some reports advocate lower figures, there isn’t any discussion that such vulnerabilities may finish in astronomically losses if left unattended. At constant time, as we’ve got an inclination to recently learned from the Cloudflare breach, data breaches became extra distinguished and fewer predictable, and even security corporations get hacked.

In light-weight of these developments, it’s no surprise that cyber security has become one among the foremost vital subjects usually mentioned in board rooms. as a result of the economic, reputational and legal costs of data breaches grow apace, the observe of exposing cyber vulnerabilities and “bugs” has evolved from an internal quality assurance technique to a booming industry: a “bug bounty economy” emerged. Governments and corporations enact vulnerability rewards programs at intervals that they pay millions to individual security consultants worldwide for preforming adversarial analysis and exposing important vulnerabilities, previously uncovered by the organization’s internal checks and quality assurance.

Bug Bounty Programs proactively invite security researchers from around the world to reveal the company’s vulnerabilities in exchange for monetary and, typically extra considerably, reputational rewards. If adequate report mechanisms are in place, Bug Bounty Programs may perform an additional security layer, associate external observation system, and provide management and directors with essential data relating to cyber vulnerabilities.


Recognizing the on high of blessings of Bug Bounty Programs by senior management and directors will any contribute to the “bug bounty system,” whereas strengthening companies’ company governance practices. Bug Bounty Programs offer the management with a relatively low cost yet effective freelance observation system, which may in all probability shrink company proceedings risks, whereas boosting the final cyber security safeguards of the corporation.


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