Report Suggests Apple iPhone XI to sport Long Distance 3D Camera Calling support.

The next gen camera technology has been in talks for some time now and Sony has been burning night hours in making it ready for mass productions. According to talk between Sony and BloombergQuint, The Sony will be soon be boosting their 3D Camera sensors after getting positive response from the customers and positive response from the market. The Apple Inc. is one of their customers.

This new tech may result in huge improvements and a revolution in the smartphone photography. Some rumours also suggest that the Apple is planning to implement augmented reality features to its future Flagships and the future flagships may come with tri-camera setup. And from the rumours one can anticipate that these new camera features will be used to draw potential customer in the year 2019 by Apple Inc. 

But the plans may or may not succeed as the most awaited and most anticipated feature the market has been waiting for the year 2019 is the smartphones and flagships with 5G connectivity. Most of the famous smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei has revealed their plans for the year 2019 and most of the flagships that are supposed to have the 5G connectivity are going to be launched in the first half of 2019. Apple users are waiting for the apple to announce its Flagship which will be a bit late than others and is going to sport Intel’s 8161 5G Modem chipset. The Apple iPhone with 5G support is expected to launch in 2020.

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