Google Integrates Spam Protection in its Messaging App

Tired of lots of messages and SMS spam don’t fret google is here for rescue. Recently Google Messaging App users has been reporting seeing a new feature in the app called spam protection.

The feature has been a topic of talk for a long time and was expected to launch sooner or later. The development completed a while ago, almost around six months ago but it took some time for rolling out to begin.

The roll-out has been server side and is selective roll-out you may or may not get it soon depending on your luck and region. If you are lucky enough and has received the update then after the update as soon as you open the app you will be notified about. The notification can be seen in the below image.
A user can disable/enable the spam protection based on the choice and the setting can be accessed by going to Settings>Advanced Menu>Spam Protection.

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