Rumours Suggest Samsung Galaxy S10 with Preinstalled Screen Guard and an Edge model

Samsung Galaxy S10

According to the rumours up till now the Samsung Galaxy S10 was supposed to have three distinctive models i.e. S10, S10 Lite, and S10+. But according to the new reports the Samsung is bringing back the Edge moniker which they introduced with their Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship back in Feb of 2016. The reports also suggest that Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a preinstalled screen protector with it. Although Samsung uses top notch and premium glass protection tech on their flagships like corning gorilla glass protection, the smartphones nowadays are becoming more and more fragile and prone to get damaged.

The most recent developments also suggest that Samsung may reserve the Galaxy S10 name for their 10th anniversary release which will be featuring 5G support.

Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge and preinstalled Screen Protectors are yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer and the news may very well be not true. Having said that the Samsung galaxy S10 will come with loads of most awaited features like Holographic Tech displaying 3d content on the top of the display, Bright Night and Artistic Live Focus. 

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