New Update to Google Maps With ‘For You Tab’ in iOS and Android

Google has been persistent in improving user experience of the Google Maps app. They gradually moved the Explore tab from sandwich menu to a new tab on the home screen of the app. This tab used to give the user a detailed info on the nearby places according to internal rating system of the google. Now they have tried something new to further improve the experience. In the new update Google has introduced a new tab ‘For You’ right next to the Explore and Commute listing all the item based on the personal taste and of end user. Rolling out with the regular update the new feature continuously gives you update on nearby Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and many more based on the location you have set as your home or work.

This feature gives user an option to bookmark the places and they will automatically be available in ‘Want to go’ list. This feature can be used as an alternative to the Google Trips app as it has already begun rolling out to almost 40 countries for iOS and 130 or more countries for Android devices.

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