Foxconn to spend $356 Million to Make Premium Apple iPhone in India

Its been a week hearing rumours about Foxconn making deals with Apple to move production of their handset from china to India. It has now been finally confirmed by Reuters that the Taiwanese supplier will be using it’s Sriperumbudur plant in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.
According to the statement made by Industries Minister M. C. Sampath, the plant is currently being used to make Xiaomi Phones in India. The Foxconn said that to full the product requirements for apple they will be expanding their product line-up and will be investing $365 million. The investment may prove a good for the region as it is expected to create as many as 25,000 job vacancies in the region.

According to the sources who spoke to the Reuters up till now the Cupertino based company has been manufacturing the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in the country, and Foxconn will be focusing on the higher end and premium models like iPhone X Family. According to GSMArena Apple is slowly preparing for any long-term impacts that may occur due to trade war that is going on between USA and China.

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