Beware Apple Users Fake Alexa App on Apple App Store

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“Setup for Amazon Alexa” is an app which was available on Apple App Store. But the twist here is that it was a fake it seems that the tech giant Apple has been deceived by the company named One World Software. Apple has been very diligent and conscious over the privacy issues of its user but this time around something got through.

According to the Description provided on the app store this app help user understand how to setup properly setup their Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant. When the app starts it will ask for the IP address of the user, the name of the device to be paired and the serial number of the device.

The Knockoff app manged to reach No. 6 in the app store’s Utility category and also managed to become the 60th most installed app on the Apple App Store. The company did have other two apps on the App store named “Marketplace – Buy/Sell” and a paid app named “Any Font for Instagram” which costed around 99cents. All of the three apps have been removed from the App Store and thus can no longer be found in the listings. It is recommended to the users to remove any of the above apps if you have it installed on your device, and please install the apps from official developers the links are below.

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