Affordable Galaxy Home Smart Speakers from Samsung Powered by Bixby

Image Credit: Samsung

Recently Samsung introduced their Galaxy Home Smart Speakers powered by Bixby Assistant from Samsung and it is yet to hit the market, but rumours about them planning an affordable version of the speakers which will also be powered by their voice assistant Bixby. Although the full specification of the speaker is not yet known it is expected to have less features being the affordable one than the pricier one i.e. the Galaxy Home Smart Speakers.

This could most likely be their strategy as the Galaxy Home Speaker may compete with the Apple HomePod which cost somewhere around 349 USD but for Samsung to compete with more affordable speakers available in the market like Google Home and Amazon Echo which are available at less than 200 USD or so they had to take this approach. Even though the launch Is not yet confirmed, for Samsung to be able to compete in this niche they will have to focus on the potential customers who opt for more affordable kind of approach.

Image Credit: Samsung

In the picture above, it can be seen that the speaker has somewhat unique design. It is elevated from the ground with the help of three metallic legs which helps ensure that it can be kept any where even on uneven surfaces.

The mini version of Galaxy Home smart speaker may lack the sub woofer and the number of microphones which is eight in the main Galaxy Home may not be present on the mini version of the same. The Galaxy Home Smart Speakers were showcased and introduced during the Launch of Galaxy Note 9 in United States. According to the reports Samsung may reveal the Galaxy Home Mini Smart Speakers during CES 2019 which is going to be held from January 8-11.

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