OnePlus 6T: A Whole New UI and Advanced Do Not Disturb Mode

One Plus 6T which is going to be released globally on 30th of October is about to get a refresh in its UI design. As the smartphone is just a minor update to the previous versions there won’t be any notable difference and major feature release. The noteworthy update in the smartphone is its in display optical fingerprint scanner and its waterdrop notch style. As confirmed by the executives of OnePlus the device is going to get an overhaul in the UI section an advanced Do not Disturb Mode and may be redesigned Navigation gestures. The device may also feature some major camera improvements over the previous ones.

According to the statement made by OnePlus in one of their forums they said that their main focus has always have been providing their users with a quick and responsive experience. The post made it clear that end users will be getting something new in the UI section to explore and the post also stated about some substantial improvements in the camera performance of the device behind the scene. The post stated that the OnePlus team wanted the end user to experience the new OnePlus design language in their UI with the new OxygenOS.

Keeping the UI and Camera improvements aside the OnePlus 6T will also come with Snapdragon 845 System on Chip which will power the OnePlus’s AI algorithm allowing the device to learn more about you even when you sleep. 

The forum post clearly states the company’s intention of making user experience as fluent as possible. The post states that the company is trying to strive for the UX where a single action or interaction can be performed with as less taps as possible.

The pre-booking of the device has already started on Amazon where user can register for the device by paying a minimum amount. The registration entitles the user to a free USB Type-C earphone and amazon Pay Cashback Voucher. 

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