Apple to Ditch Intel for its Radio Chips in the Year 2020

According to the reports from various sources there are some news floating around about Apple to ditch for its mobile radio chips in its 2020 iPhones. According to the internal communications Apple was described by Intel as their key customer for mobile Wi-Fi Chips, Bluetooth and 5G technology chips. Although both the parties refuse to give any type of comments on the matter. Apple has history with Qualcomm, the iPhone used to have Qualcomm chips in them but after the dispute between both the companies for patent infringements, Apple was forced to look for the alternatives. 

It may most probably be possible that Apple is planning to make its own chips, that way they wouldn’t have to buy them from Qualcomm. But making it in the house will result in Apple paying a fee to the other company which depends completely on the outcome of the legal fight between both the companies.
Some other reports also suggest that Apple may reach chip supplier, MediaTek for its Future iPhone 5G Chips.

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