Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant trying to become familiar with Indian Languages

Amazon and Google have both been trying their best to expand their market share in India but the task is not as simple as it seems. It was difficult enough for their AI powered Google assistant Amazon Alexa to understand Indian English but the main challenge in front of the tech giants is to make assistant able to decipher the many local languages as well as the combination of Indian English and those local slangs.

According to the statement made by the head scientist of Alexa AI, amazon, Mr. Rohit Prasad India is said to be the most technically challenging countries among all the countries Alexa was launched in. according to him the main problem is that Indian user tends to interact with Alexa in mashup of languages in the same sentence.

So, to make Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa more efficient in Indian market they need to be able to decode sentences like “Ok Google, Aj Kaa Weather Kaisa Hai?” or something like “Is week ka top song play karo.”. To reach this goal Amazon and google have both been trying very hard.

Amazon recently released a version of voice app named “Cleo” which lets the user to teach Alexa the local Indian slangs. At Amazon’s Alexa Research unit in Bengaluru, India, a team of scientist are working and trying their best to solve this language problem. And their hard work has paid off and substantial progress has been made in the past few months in the language section of Alexa. They want that Alexa should not only be able to decipher the Language but even give the reply in the same language. 

Google is also not far behind in this section and according to them the Indian users will son be able to talk to their Google Home Smart Speakers in Hindi. And Google Assistant on smartphones can now understand Marathi language and users can expect the support for seven more local Indian languages sooner than later.

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