Upgrading Your Windows 10 S OS to Windows 10 Pro

Upgrade Windows 10 S

Microsoft recently launched a new operating system variant named Windows 10 S. The new operating system is focused mainly on windows store apps, yes you guessed it right the new OS will only be able to run windows store apps. But it would most probably be a problem for some windows users. Suppose you just bought or planning to buy a new surface device from Microsoft and it comes pre-installed with Microsoft new OS Windows 10 S. you will not be able to install anything outside from windows store. But, there is nothing to worry about. Microsoft has provided a solution for it. You can upgrade to windows 10 Pro for free but only till the end of the year for any Windows 10 S system that is $799 or above. The upgrade will also be free for Schools and accessibility users.

If you don’t come in any of the above criteria then you can pay a upgrade fee of $49 through windows store and then proceed with the upgrade.

Now below is how you can get rid of Windows 10 S and get Windows 10 Pro.
You will first have to download a desktop app to trigger the upgrade procedure. Let’s say you try to download a different browser then Microsoft Edge, it will prompt you to stick to Microsoft Edge instead of any other browser. In the bottom, you will see a statement “Still want to install the app from outside the Store? See How” you will have to click on the “See How” link. The link will open Windows Store OS upgrade page.

Upgrade Windows 10 S

The page will give you a choice to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and will show you the difference between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Pro. If it says you have to pay $49 pay it otherwise there will be a free upgrade button you just have to click on it.

Note: The procedure is irreversible, once upgraded you can’t switch back to Windows 10 S.

All the upgrade procedure is almost the same like it will ask you if you have backed up your files and then will begin the switch process. The upgrade process takes less than a minute and after a reboot a notification will say that the switch has been successful.

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