Google’s Keyboard App Gboard Became Much Smarter.

Google’s Gboard was already at its best because of the direct link to Google Search all the company’s artificial intelligence-powered predictive and natural language capabilities. But with the current update rolling out to the users it became much smarter than before. Google’s Gboard now recognizes hand drawn emoticons and is now able to predict full phrase instead of just next word.
These advanced features, improvement in image recognition department and Gboard’s Natural Language Understanding are the result of Google’s ongoing Artificial Intelligence Research, and the tool like “Quick, Draw!” which is a web game which guessed what you doodled on the screen even if it was very terribly drawn.

The new google Gboard app can now suggest the complete phrase like when you type “be there” it will first try to understand the context and then try to suggest you with possible suggestion like “on time”, “as soon as possible”. Previous versions were only able to suggest up to next words using predictive algorithms so this is a big step forward. Google also said that its search function will show more results now and will be able to link to appropriate app. More language support is also coming to the Gboard app but you will not be able to do anything more just typing feature will be available with the other languages.

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