BlackBerry Gives a New One: BlackBerry KEYone

BlackBerry KEYone
Revealed earlier this year in February at Mobile World Congress Event, the BlackBerry KEYone has gone on sale today in London. One can find them at Exclusive department stores Selfridges. Soon wider distribution will follow UK, US and Europe.
The handset is a sturdy aluminium metal encased design with 4.5-inch HD screen, physical keyboard contains fingerprint sensor on the space bar of the keypad. KEYone also comes with the biggest battery yet in BlackBerry Smartphones.
Almost everybody remembers the first BlackBerry smartphone with fairy basic display, below average web surfing and pretty odd in shape and size. Albeit all its shortcomings were covered up by speedy push email delivery system and cool as well as superbly usable QWERTY keypad.

But the mobile world kept on changing and sadly BlackBerry didn’t adapt to the changes as well like others. So the business owners who preferred the security of the BlackBerry but hated the phone design were forced to move on to a new device and that was Apple iPhone with its cool looks.
Teenagers who loved to waste their time on free BlackBerry messenger app also moved on to android operating system which gave them much more features and access to lots of apps and games. The BlackBerry messenger was soon replaced by apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
The main reason in downfall of the BlackBerry smartphones were the lack of apps same issue which lead to the downfall of the Microsoft Windows Phone. Blackberry has been trying desperately to overcome that issue by using Android as their operating system in their smartphones, with a simple tweak by adding a security overlay of DTEK.

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