Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Should You Buy or Not

Apple iPad Pro 10.5

After a year or more Apple is finally replacing its Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch with a new model the iPad Pro 10.5. despite the fact that the sales of Apple iPad are slowing down the engineers at Apple continue developing and integrating most advanced hardware and software in their new device Apple iPad Pro 10.5.

Just one thing you should keep in mind that this device was not built for today. It was built keeping in mind the new version of iOS which will be released later this fall. The update to the new version of iOS will the interactivity and usability of the device.
There are some key points that makes the Apple iPad Pro different from regular iPad. A bigger & better screen, A faster & much more powerful processor, Better camera, Support for Apple Pencil, A keyboard connection port, More speakers and one major difference is the price. The iPad Pro start at the base price of $699 for base model of storage 64 GB, and goes all the way up to &1709 for 512 GB model with Cell Carrier Support. The accessories like Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard come with the price tag of $99 and $159 respectively.
If we sum it all up the iPad Pro goes into laptop territory and that too in the top-of-the-line one.
Apple iPad Pro 10.5

The main focus in the whole device till now is the display and I must say it is indeed fabulous. The iPad Pro has 10.5 is nothing but an upscaled version of the standard iPad you have seen till now. The extra size of the screen does not mean the device will be larger too, instead Apple reduced the size of the bezels around the edge of the device to give it a larger size screen i.e. 10.5-inch display.
In regular terms the usual things in an iPad pro are high resolution display and increased brightness from 500 to 600 Units. But that is not all Apple has done this time around. The new feature that matters the most this time is that the new display is capable of refresh rate up to 120Hz, which is almost twice what almost all mobile devices are capable nowadays. The refresh rate of the screen means how many times pixel on the screen refreshes per second and 120Hz means less lag when you scroll and on animations. Refresh rate on any device is very important because the main moto is to make it feel and response as real as possible. And with the refresh rate this device has the battery will drained faster and to overcome that problem Apple introduced ProMotion. ProMotion is main key in controlling the refresh rate of the screen it adapts to what the device is doing and what refresh rate would be suitable according to the action going on on the screen. So, when watching movies, the refresh rate drops accordingly and while doing some static jobs like reading the refresh rate drops all the way down to 20Hz thus reducing battery drain.
Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Other then that in the hardware section nothing much has changed except the new processor A10X Fusion, which in some situations outperforms even some intel laptops chips. The camera is what you get with iPhone 7, with a 12MP sensor with OIS and takes pretty decent pictures, and latest generation touch ID sensor.
The other thing to talk about new iPad Pro 10.5 is its battery. It is said to be pretty good. Apple even claimed for the device to give around 10 hrs. of web surfing.
Software wise the device is still running on iOS 10 but is supposed to get iOS 11 later this fall which is supposed to change how the device interacts and its usability. The device was introduced mainly keeping in mind the iOS 11.
The update is going to change the complete way of working of multitasking on the device. The update will also give the ability of real traditional file system to you and all your apps.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Now the main question arises should you get it or not?

In my opinion you should and you shouldn’t. the upcoming update will not make the device into a mac or something like that but it will open the opportunities for the developers and will also unlock the set of features of the device and if you are looking for the device portable enough and can do some stuff that cannot be done on ordinary tablet then you should get it. Buyer should also keep in mind the price of the device also matters. If you want a device just for normal stuffs like watching movies and reading and browsing then the regular iPad would be more than enough for you. So decide wisely.
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