Android Nougat Beta Killed Here Comes the Android Oreo

Tech Giant Google finally killed the beta programme for Android Nougat so there will be no more beta-test version of the software available. Instead we all are waiting eagerly for the full release for the new android version that is Android O. the developer preview version of the OS is already available and was released on March 21.
Developers that are subscribed are currently in Preview 1 which one can call an alpha version. Beta version of the OS cannot be expected until after the official launch of Android O on May 17 at Google’s annual I/O Developer conference.
Google most likely would be announcing all the new and great features we could expect in the upcoming android version. The official name for the new version of Android O/ Android 8.0 probably would be announced too. But according to the rumours and the fact that Google names the android version on the name of some delicious treats the most expected name is “Android Oreo” but who knows the new name could be a surprise too.
Android Nougat is the seventh major update Google owned Android Operating System and it came with some great new features and improvements. Now let’s wait and see what the upcoming update will bring to us the consumer.

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