Samsung Secure Folder a Way to Safe Guard Your Data

Security and privacy matters the most in the present world. So today i am going to talk about one of the feature that today’s modern world provides for our privacy and security. We all use mobile devices in our everyday life. One of the leading brand Samsung has introduced a new cool feature to their galaxy smartphone user’s named Samsung Secure Folder.
We all know to basically protect our smartphones we use lock screen security but what if one wants to go further and protect specific things on his/her phone. Well, for them Samsung has introduced Samsung Secure Folder, which allows the user to create a private encrypted space and store any kind of sensitive data inside.
The idea for the secure folder and the Secure Folder itself is derived from Knox, the company’s secure platform for business uses. You may or may not have heard about the term sandbox, the Secure Folder acts as a sand box for apps and data and works with the already provided user authentication data to keep it safe.

A normal consumer may leverage from this feature and store their private content, such as Pictures, Apps, Documents and Passwords hidden from other users hence keeping them safe from peeking eyes. In Samsung Secure Folder users can also make copy of their app and access them via alternate profile. Samsung explained any Notes, Contacts, Photos, Browsing History will remain separate from other apps and within the secure folder. Any of the security options like Fingerprint, PIN, Password or Pattern can be used to protect the Secure Folder. From my point of view, the biometric authentication is the most convenient option but it should be used with the conjunction of PIN, Password or Pattern to use it at its max efficiency.
To setup Samsung Secure Folder you can use your Samsung account, according to the information on their company website. This feature also comes with the option to hide the folder or change its icon making it harder to find in case someone has physical access to your device

You can copy the data into secure folder by clicking on the option “Move to Secure Folder” in the native apps or, after entering the Secure Folder you can click on Add Files.

You all might be wondering where does the Samsung Account come into use here? Well actually nowhere the main reason to use Samsung account is to back up the data in Samsung Secure Folder In case to prevent data loss. The data backed up from the account will be available to the original user only.

Now comes the question How Can I get Samsung Secure Folder?
Well as of now the Samsung Secure Folder App is available to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Devices Only running android 7.0 and above. But the company assures that it is working hard to make it available for other devices too. 

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