Enhanced SMS app from google competing with Apple iMessage

Android Messages

So today I am going to tell you about googles plan to take Apple iMessage head on by introducing its own enhanced SMS app. The Tech giant’s plan to bring SMS text messaging into the modern internet age is finally taking shape and who knows their other plan to take on Apple’s iMessaging app may be a success.
On Feb The 24th i.e. on Friday the company confirmed that 27 more wireless operators and device makers around the world will soon roll out support for Rich Communication Services, or RCS. RCS adds enhanced and advanced features to text messaging such as picture sharing, read receipts, and group chat. Mobile carriers, including Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Globe, will join Sprint, Rogers and Telenor, in preloading Android with the newly named Android Messages as the standard messaging app on phones their subscribers use.
Amir Sarhangi, Head of RCS at google also confirmed that several manufactures like Sony, LG, Motorola and ZTE has said that they will embed this technology in their phone so that they come preloaded in the devices sold worldwide. More than 1 Billion subscribers worldwide will be ready to take advantage of this new messaging technology soon.

Amir Sarhangi, has also said that last year it was all about alignment and corporation of different partners and putting the pieces of the technology in the right place. Amir Sarhangi, said in an interview that this year it’s all about launching the feature to the subscribers.
The news is a major ordeal since it implies Android phone users on these Carriers will see a automatic upgrade to their SMS feature. It will give them a similar sort of complex usefulness that is as of now offered on messaging applications, similar to Apple’s iMessage, Facebook’s Messenger or WhatsApp.
Text messaging is till now the most used feature in all over the world but the 160 words limit was created for flip-phone age. Cells nowadays are very powerful and users nowadays want advanced features like Read Receipts, or the ability to see if someone is typing, even the ability to leave or join a group is nice feature to have in your hand.

RCS is the innovation standard that gets this going. Google, which has attempted to build up an messaging app for Android gadgets to adversary Apple’s iMessage, has incorporated RCS with its messaging platform, which today has been renamed Android Messages. The declaration implies carriers and phone makers that now bolster it will utilize Android Messages as the default messaging app on Android phones they offer. The Android Messages application is additionally available through the Google Play store.
Like Apple’s iMesssage, Android Messages can change back to SMS and MMS if the individual you’re chatting with isn’t likewise utilizing Android Messages. Messages to non-RCS-competent gadgets or administrations are still sent as essential content and picture messages.
Google’s Sarhangi recognizes the organization still has far to go in making refreshed SMS for each of us all a reality. All together for each Android user to see the advantages of RCS, more bearers need to get on board. Friday’s declaration is a decent begin, however three out of the four noteworthy US Wireless Carriers – AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon – still don’t bolster the innovation.
Sarhangi said there’s nothing to declare yet, however he’s hopeful. “We’re working with everybody, including the people in the US,” he said. 

Google additionally said it’s starting an early get to program for organizations so they can create marking around the messages they send to clients. A great many organizations as of now utilize SMS to speak with clients. Banks utilize it to send misrepresentation notification, specialist’s workplaces help patients to remember arrangements and aircrafts even send links to tickets by means of SMS.
In any case, the messages are restricted to plain content. RCS permits business to redesign this experience. For example, a carrier may send an intuitive content permitting you to check in front of your flight or it might incorporate airplane terminal maps or even a total ticket.
Google is flaunting some of these organizations in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress public expo one week from now.

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