Samsung and LG to bring Foldable Displays in Q3 and Q4 2017

Samsung Foldable Display Technology
Late the Weibo has claimed that Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X1 will be coming in H2 2017 and now they are saying that foldable phones will be released in Q3 2017
Some unnamed sources have reportedly been reporting to The Korea Herald the Samsung is expected to launch more than 100,000 devices of fold out devices in the third quarter of the year.
The name for the device has not been decided just yet, but according to some source it is going to be called the “fold-out” devices, meaning the screen will be on outside when folded and it will become a 7-inch sized tablet when unfolded.

We all know that Samsung has been working on the foldable screen technology for years now and now the decision of releasing them now may due to the LG saying to release foldable screen phone in the Q4 of the year 2017.
The Korea Herald claims that its sources suggest that LG’s folding display technology is far more advanced than Samsung’s, but they are more focused on selling the display technology to its clients rather than integrating it into its own devices.
Samsung and LG both have been experimenting on their folding display technology for many years now and most notably at various CES(Consumer Electronic Shows) events.
The only thing that is left for wondering now is that will this technology be coming into the hand of consumers this year and who will be the first to launch it.

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