NFC Payment finally supported by Wallet 2.0

Microsoft Wallet 2.0
Well Microsoft finally decides to push the much awaited feature to their customers the functionality to pay through NFC using Wallet app 2.0 but unfortunately the feature is for the insider preview fast ring users only. Any person who is subscribed in the fast ring of the insider previews will be getting a Wallet app update to version 2.0 which will allow them to pay their bills using NFC.
Wallet was leaked earlier this month but the windows central has reported that the app is now live for insider of the fast ring. According to windows central reports the feature will be coming packed to the regular consumer this year with the Redstone release.

With this step Microsoft is trying to catch up with Apple and Google. Being late in this area Microsoft is trying to get benefit from this step. You will be able to pay at any retailer who already supports Tap to Pay functionality. If apple Pay and Google Wallet works, then Wallet will work (as soon you have saved your credit card and debit card no.).
This feature is only us based or not is still not clear will be updating the post as soon as more details are revealed from Microsoft.
For the list of banks and credit union that support Microsoft Wallet and also for more details about the features as they roll out please visit

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