Enjoying the features of android TV on your PC

Most of the modern Smart TV’s come with the android system installed in them. Android TV is just an operating system which is installed in the Smart TV’s. This operating system is based basically on the same code which is used in the smartphones but instead of a smartphone’s user interface it consist of a redesigned custom interface which makes it easier to be used on a big screen TV with the help of a remote control.
Previously the only way to enjoy and test the features of the android TV was to buy a TV or a Television Box that runs the software. But now there is an alternative. You can try these features on your pc by installing an unofficial version of the Android TV on any Computer.
One thing to keep in mind before proceeding is that this is an unofficial version may contain some minor or even major bugs.

The installation procedure is pretty easy. You may install it the same way you install any other Linux distribution on your PC.
If you don’t want to take this much hassle and just want to enjoy media centre features on your PC which we know were discontinued by Microsoft after Windows 7. Just install Any one from Kodi, Plex or Media Portal instead of a whole new operating system. Still if you want to try out the android TV just watch this video tutorial by Geek Till It Hertz following the link.
You can find the links for download on the links down below.

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