Windows 10’s Refresh Tool Get Rid of Bloatware.

A month ago a news was in the air that soon enough Microsoft will be releasing a tool which will help user to clean install their operating system helping the user in getting rid of all the bloatware that come preinstalled in the third party machines. Recently in the new build of Windows 10 insider preview (build 14367 to be specific) this tool was seen integrated in the recovery menu of the OS well not fully integrated as you see in the picture below there is a link in the recovery settings menu which takes you to a Microsoft page from where user can download the tool. unfortunately any try to use the tool in older version of the OS was a complete failure. The tool named as “Refresh Windows” is not exactly what I expected it to be instead of offline refreshing of the windows this tool downloads an image of the Latest Windows and then installs it – which a user can already do with the Microsoft’ Media Creation Tool.

Some of you out their might be wondering will this tool let us use our own ISO files but no unfortunately that isn’t the case either. Of course the tool hasn’t been released publicly yet we might see some improvement in it and there is a lot of space for improvement. But as of now it is just useless for me and may be for you too we can simply use media creation tool.

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