Running Android Apps On Google Chromebook

Android App On ChromeBook

As we all know that google has promised back in 2014 that pretty soon enough the chrome OS will be supporting Android apps. According to google this would be a feature of benefit for developers and more convenient for users. The tech giant was not in any kind of rush to release the function but finally it appears that users will finally be able to access android apps on Chrome OS PCs. But the only drawback is for able to use this feature you should have one very specific model of the Chromebook: The Asus Chromebook Flip.

An owner of the reddit account named as NeoOfTheDark claimed that the during the use of a BETA build of the Chrome OS (version 53.0.2768 to be exact) on chrome canary: Google’s developer focused version of the chrome. According to him as soon as he updated to the new version of the chrome the release informed him that the google play will now be available on his Chromebook, after reading his post other redditors also flocked to the update to check if it was really true. It was true but not for all the feature was enabled only on the asus flip devices. Users also tried updating Asus C200 and Asus R11 machines, but both of them failed even the google own Chromebook pixel failed. 

The asus flip users have already tested various apps on their machines including Skype, Sync, Slack, MXPlayer, Kindle, and YouTube. Not every app was flawless on the device but most of them were usable. Games too are performing pretty well in the build including console emulators and Real Racing 3. While there is a large space of room to improve the performance of the apps on the Chrome OS the look of the feature in the beta version left a strong impression.

As we all know the Tech Giant Google don’t show any haste in any of his moves so there might be some time before the feature come to the consumer grade users. Then yes the google does not restrict the download of the developer version so any one can try it out who can’t wait for the cool features and possibilities. There is no proper announcement from the developers of the OS when the feature will be available to other devices or when it will be available for consumers but then again it is closer to it then is was in 2014.


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