New UI Design in Google Now on Tap.

Google Now On Tap

Google now on tap has been a great feature for android users and google is not backing down in making this feature better every day. While the concept behind the now on tap was pretty impressive, google has had a pretty hard time making this concept into an interesting app. In the last few days google has been rolling out all new set of features for the app making it more of a virtual assistant than of a contextual search engine.
Yesterday another great set of feature got an improvement the cards for Common Tasks and Nearby Places got new UI design. The functions are generally query shortcut for google app. Suppose like if you want to ask google to show you the nearby gas stations that is what the buttons in the “Places Nearby” card does. If you to tell Google to create a reminder, it will open the Search app’s reminder flow. Same for alarms and timers.

Once the action flow is successfully completed the google app will take you to the related app for completion of the flow. For the navigation shortcuts it seems as they are handled as search queries.

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