New Layout In Google Play Store for Beta Testers.


Hello guys I am back with some great news for the users of beta testing program of google. The tech giant is rolling out a new update for its Play Store with some UI changes featuring new tab in “My Apps & Games” area named as “Beta” as the name suggests this section lists all the beta apps that are currently installed on your device and the apps for which you signed to beta test through Google Play. This is awesome news for the users like me and some of you out there who are enrolled in the beta testing program of google this feature will provide you an ease to manage the programs in which we are enrolled. In this section you can manage the apps you want to be enrolled in for beta testing and there is an option to opt-in/out of the beta testing program as well.

The feature was first spotted over on reddit user account, and is confirmed by number of users that isn’t just an isolated appearance. This feature has been on some user accounts on twitter also. But unfortunately not everyone on the version 6.7.13 which is the latest version of Goole Play Store available is getting this feature may be its from server side and google is deciding whom to give it and whom not. We will surely be posting updates as soon as we come to know more about this feature till then we can just wait for the feature to be available to all users.

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