iOS 10’s Ten hidden features that apple didn’t reveal at WWDC

iOS 10 Hidden Features
A week before apple hosted its Worldwide Developer Conference and revealed the latest features of iOS 10 that we will be getting in September. While apple revealed all the usual features that we have been expecting but the main things that get a user exited is the hidden features.
These features are generally revealed weeks after the launch of first beta version of the OS as user gets some time to explore the new features.
Below is the list of 10 hidden features iOS 10 will come packed with.

  1. Never forget where you parked:

iOS 10 maps app drops a pin wherever you park your car and will show it to you as a recommended place whenever you leave your office, mall, home, cinema’s etc.

  1. Deleting the default apps:

While the apps don’t actually get deleted but you can remove the icon from the home screen and can delete user data too from you iPhone. Not all the apps can be deleted from the phone but some apps like Calculator, Calendar, Stocks, Maps, iTunes Store etc. can be deleted.

  1. Storage Optimization

In the new version of iOS 10 this new storage optimization feature will help you in managing your storage more efficiently by deleting any kind of unnecessary file which have not been used in very long time this includes music and videos. To enable this feature you have to go to Settings>Music and toggle Optimize Storage to On.

  1. Receiving the alerts for unsecured networks.

This is new security feature sends notification alerts to user whenever they connect to any Wi-Fi network about if the network is open, unsecured, or is on an older protocol.

  1. Read receipts sending on individual basis.

In iOS 10 you can also specify individually to whom you want to send read receipts to and whom not.

  1. Sleep routine improvements.

If you have a bad sleep routine the new wake alarm setting should be able to help you. In this app you can set how many hours of sleep you want and it will not only wake you up ibn the morning but will also tell when it is time for you to sleep.

  1. Mailing list easy unsubscribe procedure.

The new apple mail app in iOS 10 will now help you unsubscribe from your newsletters more easily. Whenever you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter just the newsletter mail and tap on the unsubscribe button no more clicking the links and creating specialised filters.

  1. RIP slide to unlock.

In iOS 10 the slide to unlock prompt on the lock screen of the device which has been there since the very beginning is now have been removed from the OS. Suppose you have Touch ID setup pressing the home button will automatically unlock your device to home screen without any prompts and if you have setup a passcode then pressing your home button will bring up the passcode entry screen where you can unlock your device by simply entering your passcode with no slide to unlock prompts.

  1. Flashlight intensity management.

By the use of 3d touch, pressure touch on flashlight icon in control centre will bring up the three-option light intensity menu with options Low, Medium, and High. From there you can select the intensity of your flashlight.

  1. Simultaneous use of Camera and listening Music.

If you ever tried to use camera while listening to music you might have noticed that the music automatically gets paused but in iOS 10 you will be able to listen to the music and take a still picture.

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