Google Photos Introduces a New Slideshow Option

There are almost 200 million google photo users out there and the google is continuously working in making their user experience much and much better day by day. The continuous updates being delivered to their users giving them new features to explore. Yet another feature has been rolled out to the Google Photos app the ability to show slideshow.
It is now very much possible to show slide show to your friends and relatives without bothering to click every time for the next picture. Just open any album click on any picture and tap on slideshow from the dropdown menu. On Thursday Google photos team said on Google+ it’ll automatically advance through the photos, though the photo stops the show. The service is available on the Android app and the website, but not the iOS app for Google Photos.

In order to compete with services such as Flickr and Apple’s Photo app, the Tech Giant has been constantly rolling out new set of features to its Google Photos App. Some of the examples of the cool new features provided in Google Photos App are ability to change the of multiple photos at once, keyboard shortcuts, support for Apple Live Photos and non-destructive editing of photos on android.

According to google you can virtually store unlimited amount of photos and videos on Google Photos – as long as you are ready to keep your photos under the resolution of 16mp and videos under 1080p. Google photos also helps you identify the faces in your pictures so you can find them easily even if you have not labelled them in the photo. It also has the ability to move photos from your local storage to google cloud storage so you will be able to free up the space without losing any photo.

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