Chromebook + Android Apps is it really ready

Android Apps - Chromebook

As we all know that google has recently launched the feature to use android apps in Asus Chromebook Flip. Most of the users like me and probably you out there have been waiting for this feature for a long time but is it really ready for the mainstream use. Google has made it possible to use around 1.5 million and plus apps to run on chrome OS and yes you can use many of them if not all but let’s first talk about if it really worth the try.
Installing the apps ant using them on chrome OS is simple procedure and most probably the support for the devices will be expanded by the end of this summer. During the test run of the apps on my Chromebook some were pretty flawless while some of them were not able to perform as well. The only bad news till now is that the only device that supports this new feature is Asus Chromebook Flip in the next few weeks the support for the device may most probably include the 2015 Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook R11 not any official announcements but let’s hope.

Here comes a bad news for the guys using Chromebooks model which older than two years. For those guys who have the most recent version of the Chromebook The feature will be coming to them pretty soon, but as for the guys who have older version of the Chromebook there is no announcement that if their device will be getting this feature but don’t worry in next few days google is going to release a list of device which will be able to run android apps.
The apps that require special hardware to perform their task will not be working on the Chromebook like the apps that require carrier services to send SMS and apps that require GPS for the location based services or the apps that require rear camera.

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