Windows 8 Search UI in Windows 10

Windows 8 Search UI in Windows 10

Hey what’s up guys today I am going to show you how you can bring up the windows 8 like search in windows 10 there might be many out there and if you are watching this you might be one of them who liked the windows 8 search feature more than that in windows 10.

If you are out there running windows 10 but liked the windows 8 search UI better, then this trick will help you get it back. Its already there you just need to bring it up because its hidden no third party app is required just follow my lead.

It is very easy to get it back here are the steps what you need to do in order to get it back.
1.       In the first step we need to create a shortcut so for that navigate to the place where it would be easy for you to access the search option I am creating it on the desktop. Now Right click on the desktop and select New>Shortcut.
2.       When you are asked for the path simply type in the code below or just copy paste its pretty much same for all systems.

%windir%system32rundll32.exe -sta {C90FB8CA32954462A7212935E83694BA}
3.       Now after the path it will ask you for the name enter any descriptive name and press and press Finish.

Now that is all right now you have to do in order to get the search UI Back. But there is still one hiccup we all know that it is not so cool to every time double click a shortcut in order to search for something so let’s create a shortcut button for the UI and for that Just right click on the shortcut that you created and Click on shortcut tab You will see a shortcut key text box there just specify your own shortcut key there and you are done. Now whenever you need to search for something just simply press your shortcut key and start typing for your key.

One more thing you should do because after creating shortcut you can see that the blank icon is looking a bit awkward on the desktop so you should assign new shortcut as well for it to look a bit better. It completely depends on you on how you want to customize it.

It is much more likely that this feature will be removed too so use it till its there.


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