Google Voice Access App Beta Rollout Begins

Hello guys as we know that recently Tech Giant Google has launched its new app “Voice Access” to integrate its google now app system wide and increasing the reach of the app locally. The app is currently in beta stage and google is planning to launch the app as soon as they are sure of the apps success.
Those of you out there who do not like to wait for the new features can register for the beta program of the app HERE.
Now Here comes the twist in the story. Like you I do not like waiting too and tried to sign up for their beta program but bummer the page below popped up and told me that the beta testers slot was full for the time being. Now all my hopes were suddenly down and I thought of googling the apk somewhere else and found my favourite XDA forum with the solution ready now to increase the reach of the solution I am posting it on my blog.
So simply follow my steps:
To get the latest version of the “Voice Access Beta” you will first have to install XDA Labs App from Here.
Then In The App you have to search for Voice Access and download and install the app from there and you are all set to go and one more thing if you see the settings in the app and think that are a bit typical then please don’t modify them because it may leave in your app in force crashing condition it will work without any DIY’s just install and go “DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING” if you have doubts..
Note: keep in mind for the Voice Access app to work Google now Must Be installed.


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