Blackberry’s Two Mid-Range BlackBerry Android Smart Phones

Recently during an interview with as middle eastern site The National, blackberry CEO Jhon Chen gave the hint about company’s plan for future. As we all know that BlackBerry is now on an android OEM, soon after the launch of first BlackBerry android device named “Blackberry Priv” in Fall 2015. The launch price for the device BlackBerry Priv was $700 which CEO himself admitted “WAS PROBABLY NOT AS WISE AS IT SHOUL HAVE BEEN.” Now the company’s plan for its future is to launch two mid-range smart phones.

In his interview with The Nations Chen stated that according to their enterprise customers have told them that “They want to buy their phone but the price is a bit too steep for them.” According to the reports Blackberry is planning to launch two mid-range BlackBerry android smart phones this year one with a Physical Keyboard and one with Full Touchscreen.”

Some very blurry images of Blackberry’s Upcoming Smartphones on the BBM Channel of Blackberry Central and the comments from the mouth of BlackBerry CEO himself proves that their indeed would be two new BlackBerry Android Smartphones this year we would get to see.

In the image below you can see the two expected smartphone “Blackberry Hamburg” Left and “BlackBerry Rome” Right.


Dylan Habkirk later shared the details about BlackBerry Patent on fingerprint Reader on his channel.

The upcoming BlackBerry Android devices have to do a lot better than the BlackBerry Priv for the uplift of the company after all BlackBerry has a lot on stake on the success of its Android Devices.

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