Android N On any Device

Android N has been released!..

Well not completely by the way. it would be sometime before it will be released to general public, but at least it gave chance to some flashaholics to try the things before hand and also it gives us the opportunity about what to expect in the new android version of the Google tech giant.
Too bad for flashaholics like me and out there somewhere who have unsupported device and would be waiting with the general public till the launch.
But there is some good news for them, Those who cant wait any any more to get their hands on the new “Android N” a new xposed module is there for them “Android N-ify” Just Click for the download page.

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Android N-ify Xposed Module by XDA Senior Member MrWasdennnoch aims to bring some of the features and look of Android N to devices running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. Currently, the Xposed module is in beta state, meaning you can expect the occasional bug and ‘derping’. The features which it offers right now are Settings Menu Subtitles (pictured above) and the feature to double tap recents button to switch to last app (which some custom ROMs had already implemented before Android N was released).

  • There are some planned features as well:
  • Navigation drawer in Settings
  • Use recents button to navigate through recents
  • Doze mode even when device is moving
  • Emergency info on lockscreen
  • Night mode
  • New notifications layout

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Do note that since Google has not released the source code for Android N yet, the features already implemented and in the works are based on hands-on footage or screenshots and not actual code. As such, there may be differences in their implementation and how they behave from stock Android N on a supported Nexus device. Owing to the current lack of source code, some Android N features are not planned to become a part of this module, such as the much awaited Multi Window, the DPI selector options, Data Saver and the new Quick Settings. The module also may not work with heavily modified systems, such as TouchWiz. The developer has confirmed it as working on Android 6.0 (CyanogenMod 13) and should likely work on other close to AOSP ROMs as well.
Nonetheless, something is always better than nothing when it comes to Android and its updates. Though it is not an update, it does give you the ability to taste the latest version of Android without having a Nexus device. Most importantly, it once again shows the ingenuity of our community’s talented developers, and how they cleverly make use of Android’s flexibility to bring the greatest and latest to otherwise-forgotten devices.
Source code for this Android N-ify Xposed Module can be found here, while its forum thread can be found over here.
Please Let Me Know About Your Views On The Android N-ify Xposed Module In the Comments below.
Happy Androiding.

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